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How did the Nexplanon birth control implant effect other woman?

I have the Nexplanon birth control arm implant, it stopped my period but also make me act differently and my husband has told me it, I feel bad because sometime I get really moody for no reason it has gave me pregnancy like symptoms several times I actually took a few tests and went to the doctor because my body just wasn’t doing normal things. Its hard because my husband and I want a baby so so BAD but I know that now probably isn’t the right time that’s why I am on birth control. I am a very maternal woman I love kids have been taking care of other babies and kids since I was very young, and for some reason lately I have been depressed because I want to have a baby so bad just seeing a baby or pregnant woman kind of upsets me. Not sure if this is normal or what and not sure how to convince myself that I don’t need to have a baby. I’m sorry if this is confusing just looking for a little advice I guess…

Happy Obgyn in Americak Fork PatientsDr. Saunders’ Response:

The Implanon–or Nexplanon as it is now known–can cause irregular bleeding and nausea or other pregnancy-like symptoms, though you may not be pregnant.

Obgyn in American Fork: “Follow Your Feelings!”

However as I read your question, it sounds to me like you REALLY DO WANT TO CONCEIVE. Why not just follow your feelings and it will all work out for your good!!!

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